GARY NUMAN / TUBEWAY ARMY / Replicas - The First Recordings (2LP - LTD. SAGE GREEN VINYL)



A1. You Are In My Vision (early version)
A2. The Machmen (early version)
A3. Down In The Park (early version)
A4. Do You Need The Service? (early version)
A5. The Crazies
A6. When The Machines Rock (early version)

B1. Me! I Disconnect From You (early version)
B2. Praying To The Aliens (early version)
B3. It Must Have Been Years (early version)
B4. Only A Downstat
B5. I Nearly Married A Human 3 (early version)

C1. Replicas (early version)
C2. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (early version)
C3. We Have A T echnical
C4. Down In The Park (outtake mix)

D1. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (early version 2)
D2. Replicas (early version 2)
D3. Me! I Disconnect From You (BBC Peel session)
D4. Down In The Park (BBC Peel session)
D5. Nearly Married a Human (BBC Peel session)

型番 Beggars Banquet (UK)