TJ SICILIA / 2002​​-​​2010 Vol.2 (TAPE)

US・DIYカセットブームを牽引したレーベルの一つ、Plastic Response RecordsオーナーTJ Siciliaの作品集。こちらはVol.2。

"2002-2010 Vol.1"の続編である今作"2002-2010 Vol.2"は、すべて未発表曲の19曲で構成され世界初のリリース。ファジーでローファイなベッドルームポップ全19曲。限定30本。


Track List:
01. Make It Up As You Go Along
02. You Burned The Moon Into My Eyes
03. I Have Jumped Ship
04. Pillows
05. Older But Not Wiser
06. A Flickering Light That Is You
07. In Your Bed
08. October is Here
09. Tell Me Why
10. The Passing By
11. Sleep Dreaming (Early Vers.)
12. Scene On a Peir
13. Winters Breeze
14. I Will Never Be (How You Need Me)
15. When The Mouth Bunches Up
16. Endless Mike
17. Eggs of Green, Brown, and White
18. The Way That Comes This Time Is Mine
19. The Bleakness Of My History

型番 Galaxy Train (JPN)