PIXIES / Pixies at the BBC (3LP)



Track List:
John Peel Session 3rd May 1988
A1. Levitate Me
A2. Hey
A3. In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)
A4. Wild Honey Pie
A5. Caribou

John Peel Session 9th October 1988
B1. Dead
B2. Tame
B3. There Goes My Gun
B4. Manta Ray

John Peel Session 16th April 1989
C1. Down To The Well
C2. Into The White
C3. Wave Of Mutilation

John Peel Session 11th June 1990
D1. Allison
D2. Velouria
D3. Hang On To Your Ego
D4. Is She Weird

Mark Goodier Session 18th August 1990
E1. Monkey Gone To Heaven
E2. Ana
E3. Allison
E4. Wave Of Mutilation

John Peel Session 23rd June 1991
F1. Palace Of The Brine
F2. Letter To Memphis
F3. Motorway To Roswell
F4. Subbacultcha

型番 4AD (UK)